Comment: Energy!

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I wasn't there, so I certainly can not judge, but I can judge the phenomenal energy that was put out by the hosts and the Ron Paul staff to pull this together. It would be interesting to go back to 2008 and see if Obama with all his media buzz had weeks of back to back rallies with thousands at each event. Ron Paul is amazing, but even the very best will have up and down days. I, being a Christian, think the crucial part of the "energy" comes from God. I pray for Dr. Paul on a daily basis and am calling on likeminded supporters to do the same. I pray specifically that God will annoint Dr. Paul and the crowd. I also ask we not only pray, but take action. My favorite scripture is Ephesians 3:19-20.
I think a valid point is made about some venues working better than others, but when you are trying to find a spot for thousands and not break the budget there are limitations. It really is telling that with volunteer help and $, Ron Paul with less than Mitt or B.O., can do so much. He certainly could help fix the budget!