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I'll e-mail you...

...since I'm curious if there is such a forum, a 'Daily Romney' if you will.

Regarding the nomination, even if you're correct and Romney comes out on top at the convention, you're neglecting the fact that the overwhelming majority of supporters of Dr. Paul will not vote for Romney in the general unless he has some major, sincere 'road to Damascus' conversion and decides he's done being part of the status quo and actually embraces the values of the Liberty movement. For example, if he suddenly came out with a foreign policy speech and said, 'You know what? Our nation has indeed gone astray from the non-interventionist wisdom espoused by George Washington in his Farewell Address; Dr. Paul deserves credit because his foreign policy essentially IS the foreign policy of our great, first Commander-in-Chief; and I intend to restore those wise principles as well...' -- wouldn't happen in a million years; but if it did, THAT would get my attention.

But short of that, Romney will be defeated by Obama (or possibly an Independent Paul?) without OUR support; so that's precisely why you Romney supporters *should* care about having conversations with us, regardless of the GOP nomination outcome. To use the basketball analogy it's like you're getting ready to go into the NBA final and some of your key players are disillusioned with the corruption and mediocrity in the league in general, and decide to quit and instead become referees to try to enforce the rules of the game:, the Constitution, the natural law of Liberty. Without those things being the basis of the 'sport', there's not much point in playing for either team in the finals.

Ok -- I'm not much of a sports watcher, so cut me some slack on trying to use your analogy. ;)