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The biggest concern is that

The biggest concern is that people are shy to share their opinion and therefore shy to participate in the poll we conduct. When people decline to participate, I always tell them that we DON'T want the MSM to tell American who should be the nominee. And it's very important for you to express your opinion in this poll.

Every caller is different. So you hear different millions of different concerns. It's not or role as callers to address these concerns. First priority is to complete the poll. If you want to chat with them afterwards, that's up to you.

Sometimes I chat with them if I think it's an issue that I can address well. Being so educated from the DailyPaul articles, I feel confident in addressing many issues (Ron Paul being pro-Israel, Ron Paul being STRONGEST on defense, Ron Paul not an isolationist, etc...)

I had the most conversations during the Iowa caucus. It was great! Currently, TX phone calls are going quick. Conduct the poll and go to the next caller. Very few interested in chatting. But it may happen once in a while.

Read all details here in order to sign up:

ps. I've had the most phone pick-ups during evening hours!