Comment: It sounds like he is worried about his country

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It sounds like he is worried about his country

Hence is why WeThePeople is trying to look at the situation objectively and avoid a war which would inevitably kill many good Americans. I love my country and put its interests above those of any other, but you really need to face facts about the situation.

Sure Ahmeninejad and the Mullahs have said some incendiary stuff, but have you ever watched our debates? Have you ever heard the countless threats made by Hillary, Barack, McCain, etc? Words are just words. Look at the actions of our country vs the actions of Iran. we've already invaded their eastern and western neighbors. We've already successfully overthrown their government once. They are MAYBE pursuing the ability to make one bomb. We already have tens of thousands with ICBM capability. And we're the only country to have ever used them. They supported terrorist groups? We've supported many more.

No party is clean in this situation. But the fact is, I don't want to see more of my American brothers and sisters die and commit suicide for some pointless war between politicians.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito