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Comment: What say we had some fuel to the fire?

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What say we had some fuel to the fire?

It is time to take the gloves off and expose Romney for the criminal that he is. We have an opportunity to assist the White Hats over at in their efforts to expose the Bush/Clinton/Romney/Obama criminal cabal.

Below are comments from "John" a "white hat" insider (last name withheld)who offers us a glimpse of who/what/where they are in the process of this enormous and paradigm shifting investigation.

Those of us who are awake and involved in the liberty/truth movements are obliged to share this information with everyone we know. It would certainly go a long way in curtailing Romney/Obama's plans in their pursuit of the oval office and perhaps catapult Ron Paul to the forefront of the American political mindset.

The White Hats have hard and irrefutable evidence that Romney is complicit (along with Bush etal) in the theft of billions of dollars. I was told that Ron Paul's campaign staff has been notified of the most recent developments in this criminal conpiracy as it relates to Romney. Whether they use the info is not a question of if, but when.

Everyone needs to read the reports over at and watch the videos to get current and then follow it up by calling the Romney campaign staffers/supporters to enlighten them about the criminal they want to see in the White House. Demand answers from them.

Want to bring down Romney/Obama? Then please share this with everyone you know!

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here are comments from "John":

In the very near future, the sheer scale of Fraud, Corruption,Theft and Racketeering of the Herzog case, will cross implicate Romney and so many more. He is finished. If there was ever a time for the Republicans to dump him and switch it's now. Sr will not be able to blow a smokescreen much longer. The sheer scale of the Criminal case unfolding on Herzog and the co conspirators is breaking with huge consequences.

2. In the very near future, have no doubt either Ron Paul or the Democrats will expose it and demand he withdraws. He faces personal huge consequences now but wait and see the attorneys next moves over the Falcone case.

3.ONLY the consequence of exposing the bribes Biden has taken is holding back the Criminal case in the US, but it's coming anyway from Europe as each domain will act.

4.If each of you demand answers from Romney's campaign staff, watch his campaign go up in smoke. Americans are jailed for Tax Evasion. He has hidden over $900m stolen from Falcone, so why not act on Romney? He's going to face worldwide consequences anyway as it all crashes. You saw the Berlin Court issues the media wont publish. When Herzog goes to trial, all the detailed dirt will become a Global fireball as it goes out on TV and the papers will feed it with exposure for all the Political and Agency staff then identified. This is now already cross exposed on Public Record in Berlin Court papers etc. Unless the Republicans Dump the Chump, you are giving O his second term on a plate. Was there ever a time for a Clean new Contender to come to the aid of the country. Think it through. With 4 more years and no personal consequences for O and his Chicago set, where will he take you all?

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose