Comment: Welcome Lilly4Paul! Once you

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Welcome Lilly4Paul! Once you

Welcome Lilly4Paul! Once you become a supporter, you never go back. I remember really liking the good Dr. in 2008, but listened to others who said he wasn't electable. While I still hold out hope he'll be our next Prez, I've come to realize the message he is spreading is even more important! Since '08 I've kept up with economists, learned about the Federal Reserve, and this time have supported the dr. I've flown to South Carolina to see him speak (he didn't come to Ga where I am). I've attended 3, soon to be 4 delegate conventions, attended sign waves, and donated to the campaign every pay day. I have never done any of this for any other candidate.

What can you do?

1. DONATE! He doesn't get the big funds from Goldman Sachs and Chase like Obama/Romney - Also I think any campaign items you buy helps the campaign.

2. Join your local meetup. You make great connections.

3. Register Republican in your state and encourage others to do so (you have to to vote for him). You can even get Republican registration forms for others to register.

4. Here's a link to one of the campaigns asking for volunteers even if you don't live near there, they can direct you perhaps to a local place to volunteer.

5. Here's another one that needs help reaching out to the medical marijuana dispensaries

6. Attend a rally if you can - Paul followers and vibe are great!

7. Become a delegate!

Hopefully this will give you an idea of where to start - and once again welcome!