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Evil with a D

I read the offering of text, all of it, awhile ago, and here is my viewpoint on religion.

I've had time to put my viewpoint into words:

We who are alive are connected to a physical world, and there is something more to us than just the physical world, but our perception of both the physical world and anything other than the physical world is limited, some are more limited than others on a scale.

A hydrogen atom may be much more intimately connected into the physical world and much less connected to a living awareness or self awareness or whatever is meant when people use words like spirit, soul, conscious, conscience, morality, good, evil, right, wrong, legal, criminal, love, hate, concern, thoughts, awareness, etc.

A supernatural being, or God, may be on a whole different scale, not limited in awareness at all, making us living beings appear to be as unaware as a rock is unaware compared to us human beings, for example.

The physical connections can be measured by observing and manipulating the physical connections, but on the subject of religion, what is the actual connection between the physical world and any, if there is one, other world?

How are other things, other worlds, other places, or non-places, known, what is the connecting medium between the physical and the non-physical - for lack of a more accurate word.

How is the other world measured accurately, so as to brand it with a better word?



Take your pick.

I don't care which word is used, but I can say with confidence that I don't know the answer. I don't know the connecting medium. I can guess.

What is the exact point at which I, or anyone, is awake one moment and then dreaming the next moment? What connects the two states of awareness? In one state, where I am awake, I am perceiving the physical world, and then I am asleep, dreaming, and I am definitely not perceiving the physical world - as far as I know - I am confident, or definite, dreams are perceptions of something other than the physical world.

What connects the two states of perception?

Wake and then Sleep, then awake again, and at the exact moment one stops and the other begins what happens?

Some people may say that the brain creates self awareness, but I'm not so sure.

Another way to find the connection between the physical world and the possibility of another world, a spirit world, a world where God is, perhaps, is the concept of intuition and in that I again look for the moment in time where regular old perception becomes intuitive perception. What turns off so as to turn on something else, and again some people may explain that as chemical reactions and electric current flowing here and there in the brain, and that is all there is, when those physical things stop, there is nothing going on anymore.

I'm not so sure, again, because intuition suggests something more than mere perception of the physical world. How is it that people alive in the physical world can connect with any other worlds, such as a spiritual world, other than death?

Is it possible, or is it instead: constant, but not readily perceptible?

As to the question asked and the answer offered I ask for something more specific than redemption as proof since I don't know what redemption is, and if it is worth getting, then I may ask for instructions, step by step orders to follow to reach this goal of redemption, and if I follow all the steps and come up short does that mean that I am incapable of redemption or just incorrigible?