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One of the comments at that

One of the comments at that White Hat report......

johnMay 2, 2012 02:26 PM

When the German Federal Police raided Herzog and all his associates,the sheer scale of records he kept as protection against Sr and each of them, is a gold mine of Intel. Mass cross implications. Sr had no idea Herzog had full copies of the Falcone contract and all others. Romneys accounts and all of them are held. Herzog was a treasure trove of evidence and knows hes going to jail for a very long time. Interpol is fully involved now and its so bad that Merkel gave the green light to pull Ackermann in for questioning. It's a huge source find deeply incriminating all of them. Read the multiple reports. They are all cross exposed and the EU and Asian authorities now read all the reports on each of them. The comments are all read each day worldwide. When Herzog goes on trial each one of them goes down on worldwide TV. Each country will cross prosecute. Massive Law suits and Criminal charges are now in process. The Bankers will get pounded over this. Massive fines will be levied. All the IBAN codes are traced. Major names and their offshore accounts are exposed. Herzogs Blackmail files he kept if ever needed will hang them all.