Comment: The Santorum supporters

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The Santorum supporters

I ran into were bold and very sure Santorum was all it to save this country from evil. Now they're sniffling cry babies, I don't buy it!

I ran into a person that voted for Santorum at our Caucus in Minnesota. He is a good friend and customer of mine, but I had to tell it like it is. I told him he voted for the wrong person to begin with and now Ron Paul is the only Christian left. I told him how the media has a blackout on Paul and they would never give a straight answer.

We need to get them to do a little research on Paul, but most won't do it because their afraid they will be proven wrong. I know this because as some one that supported republicans no matter what, I found the liberty pill was very hard to swallow at first. It can reflect harshly on all your core believes being wrong.

I think many of the Santorum people have already sold out their Christian faith to a non-believer. The bible even says don't bind your selves in an uneven yolk.

At my Minnesota Caucus the Chairman even said they planned on beating Paul at the State Convention like in 2008. He said he felt pretty proud or it, but he had to admit it might not have been fair. They presented their slate for nomination for state and CD delegates and tried to close the process before any one could speak.

I agree be civil but don't be fooled they most likely made up their mind if not openly switching to Paul. I don't expect years of brainwashing from the media to just disappear. If you switch to Paul you have to admit all you heard from the media is a lye.

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