Comment: Here's my spin - you read it here first....

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Here's my spin - you read it here first....

The Euro collapses under the weight of the PIIGS - all at once. That's right, not Greece first, then Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, but ALL of them in a matter of a few hours, perhaps maybe an afternoon. Germany falls the next day. They're neck deep in PIIGSshyt.

Either shortly after, or in the process BofA goes down, as does one or two other top 5 US banks.

Full blown panic sets in on day three. That's right, it takes two full days for the shock to wear off. (actually, it's 48-72 hours of constant shock, so it isn't a one time event sort of thing, kind of a rolling, slow motion bytchslap)

Paul "takes off" because he is vindicated.

Keynesianism is a failure - a really really bad one too.

No one has the answers.

No one has the leadership.

Except Paul.

And the irony of it is, the media will be the ones to shine the light on him.

It will be they who recognize and remember that he's the only one who knew what the hell he was talking about.

(they'll find others to back him up of course)

They will do this out of their own self interest.

They will be just as afraid of what shoe falls next as anyone, and they will see Paul as the only brake on the speeding train, the only voice of sanity.


Or, it could be something really innocuous and not that big of a deal...