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See You In Detroit!

Where do you hear the U.P. was dominated by RP? Just curious, because there's hardly any action up my way.

There were only about 18 total people at our convention, with 8delegate/8alternate slots allotted. I was surprised that 5 sitting precinct delegates in my county wanted to go to state (I don't believe any of them to be pro-RP). I think that the bus makes it easy and entertaining for them to go. (I'm not taking the bus).

I MADE PRIMARY STATE DELEGATE, as well as who I believe to have been 2 other RP supporters-- the RP factor was super-stealth at our convention so I don't really know for sure. The current committee and other attendees made comments about how "we all from the U.P. will be voting for Romney at the state convention because it's the only ethical thing to do". (Oh really?!?) There is only one alternate from our county going (candidate preference undetermined). Our convention was very mellow-- they were recruiting precinct delegates because there are MANY empty slots; they were very pleased that I had already filed to be a precinct delegate and that the other 2 guys (who I think were RP guys) also wanted affadavit forms to file.

See y'all at Cobo Hall!

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