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Ron Paul Dallas 2012 HQ

Please join us! We are an enthusiastic, dedicated grassroots group of people (approx. 600) who love our country, our constitution and, of course, Ron Paul!

We organize a variety of activities to promote Ron Paul's message of freedom throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our goal being to achieve a Ron Paul victory while having some fun along the way!
We especially need your help for the Texas Primary Election just around the corner!

Please check out our multiple activities posted in social media, and participate in those that appeal to you. Wear Ron Paul t-shirts/hats/buttons, cover your car with bumper stickers, display and distribute yard signs, and share Ron Paul's message of liberty with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Help us spread the patriotic inspiration of Ron Paul to as many voters as possible before May 29th so Ron Paul WINS!

We invite delegates/alternates/supporters to attend our upcoming training sessions for the Texas GOP State Convention to be held in Fort Worth early June.

Check our posts frequently for updates:
Meet up:
Twitter: @dfw4ronpaul