Comment: I have noticed that Beck has

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I have noticed that Beck has

I have noticed that Beck has been supportive, or at least not been dismissive, of any of the other candidates, except for Ron Paul. I feel that Beck's biggest disagreement with Ron Paul is on Paul's refusal to blindly support Israel financially and militarily. And he misses the big picture that such policy is doing Israel a great disservice and that Beck's own son could be sent to fight the same war that Beck now supports, involuntarily.

Actually, I was surprised that Beck did not endorse Jon Huntsman, Jr., the son of Jon Huntsman, SR about whom Beck has repeatedly admitted to be his mentor in life. Jon Huntsman, SR was on Beck show even, here is the Youtube video of the interview with Jon Huntsman, SR.

Just noticed the closing comment in this video: "I want to invite him again in the future to talk about business in the future because things are changing in America, but it is all good" and that smirk at the end... Perhaps I am putting too much attention to this, but somehow I associate this interview with the sudden influx of cash that enabled Beck to quit Foxnews and to start his own IPTV gig.