Comment: Beck is Awesome

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Beck is Awesome

Glenn Beck told me about GoldLine.

Gold Line said that Beck recommends these coins that cost me about 1650 dollars a coin. The coins are 1 quarter of an ounce french something or others. So I sent them my 6300 dollars and I got these 4 coins from gold line.

So Glenn on his show points out that gold has gone up 30 percent since I bought the coins which means I am ahead on this investment. (He point this detail out everyday for every GoldLine ad on his show.)

And as a bonus GoldLine is holding the coins fo me. I just have to give them 15 days notice and they will send my my coins.

So if there is a global collapse or everything goes bad in the physical market I can get my coins from them 2 weeks later. I figure it takes two weeks because they have my specific coins in a specific vault so it will take them awhile to get those coins to me.


Here is agreat link that I Strongly recommend you read before you invest in any gold thing you heard on teh radio. It talks about how Awesome Glen Beck and Gold Line are...