Comment: VW XL1 - with a 1.0 litre

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VW XL1 - with a 1.0 litre

VW XL1 - with a 1.0 litre 2-cylinder CDI expected to get 235 miles per gallon, with a limited 75 miles per hour max speed. Check it out Here

Also, there was the Dodge-PPG M4S Turbo Interceptor from the early '80s which had a 4 cylinder that got over 50mpg while putting out 440-480HP; the engineers also made a 2-cylinder engine which got over 70mpg and put out 240HP -none of that was ever released for production. The whole thing became a huge mess, and the engineers had to file a law suit against Chrysler/Dodge over the engine design.

Needless to say, the technology to surpass what we currently have available to us has been developed for some time now; if only the corrupt would just let the 'Free Market' work.