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This made...

...tears come to the eyes as the realization and memory of this horrible incident comes back today. Imagine going to a freedom rally and getting gunned down like this with .308 rifles that kill with one shot.

We must never forget these murders, and understand that this kind of tyranny is possibly just around the corner. The people who voted for that "change" in 08 are still in for a shock when they see what that really meant.

Today, we stand on the precipice of this same thing happening all over the country as they now prepare for the crash of the economy and ensuing martial law that will empower more of this killing of innocent unarmed citizens. Take that order for half a billion rounds of the .40 cal ammunition they ordered. They have and continue to prepare for this murdering of the American people every day.

Are you prepared for the mercenary troops that will come to your door some day?