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Kesey was alot of things

Mainly, of course, a great novelist.

I actually had the privilege of getting to know him in a professional and somewhat personal capacity as well (the emails between us are the only I've ever saved in a file marked "memorable"). He helped me and others on anti drug war campaign, donated highly valuable memorabilia to us for resale, to fundraise and he made time to chat with me, offer up advice, etc; it was shortly before his death.

HERE is where you can watch the movie

I don't know how he stood on abortion. On Guns, he was resolutely FOR guns but against bullets, at least that is the position he took later in life, when some kids were shot senselessly near his home in Oregon.

Above all he was a champion of the individual.

You'll just need to wait for the search box to appear on the upper left, enter the title name and there more than one files to choose from.

If you haven't used that site before, I find I can't use it on Firefox BUT it works just fine on Chrome. I usually download the files to view, rather than stream. It's a really fast download from that site.

YouTube took it down, finally :)

There are a couple of clips up there now, I just checked...the 10 minute clip is considered by many film critics as a highly unique and interesting segment...

But watch the whole movie, it's a goodie.