Comment: I just called my VW Canada

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I just called my VW Canada

And I tell you! They are clueless about what's up with this engine! No one knows for sure why it's not allowed in Canada and I mentioned to them that the excuse was that the emmissions doesn't pass according to the amount of pollution per gallon but that it passes according to the amount of pollution per mile and that it meets the emmissions standard. Here's what I've come to conclude:
VW has not put a US/Canada Compliance label on these European Cars. And that's why it's not allowed to be sold/imported in North America.

The Compliance label is the key. Here's what I found out about the compliance label for canada:

All the regulations listed in the act on the website above are what the car needs to meet in order to get the compliance label. If the car meets all the regulations then the car "can have" a compliance label for US/Canada. But! If the manufacturers(e.g. VW) do not put a compliance label on the car then you are still not able to sell/import the car into north america anyway. So what I'm saying is that I think the car meets the compliance but VW doesn't want to put that label on. But who knows why??? I certainly don't know?

And I even told them that the label does not require that the economy will fall if there is no taxes being collected for the roads!