Comment: Former RNC Michael Steel discusses Rule 11

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Former RNC Michael Steel discusses Rule 11

Interview with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele... explains rule 11. Sounds like each state must request Rule 11 with a letter. However, how do they determine money is only spent in that state?
Maybe we need to contact each state party and protest?

What weasels!

"Well, I say, absolutely. …The last thing I wanted when I was a State Chairman or …when I was a County Chairman, was for the RNC to put its nose under my tent with respect to elections I have responsibility and charge for. Now as the National Chairman, I still hold that view and do not believe a proper role for the RNC is to inject itself in the primary.

Now, our rules do provide for such an opportunity only, only when we receive what is called a Rule 11 letter…that allows for the State Chairman, the National Committee man and the National Committee woman to all sign the letter saying that this candidate is the one that we endorse for the general election.

…There are other elections that are occurring next year where a rule 11 letter has already been done because either there is only one candidate that is going to be in the race and you don’t want to have to sit around with your hands tied when there’s no other primary challenger. (That way) you can go ahead and start basically your general campaign now, as opposed to waiting until next September when the primary is over.

(There can also be a case where) you’ve got, you know, one very, very strong candidate and a number of very, very weak candidates and so as to not tie up resources, you get behind the (leader). But that’s a decision that’s made at the state level, by the state party leadership, and then when we receive the letter, we still have the option of not getting involved in that race if there are circumstances that warrant it.

…My general view is that the national parties should stay out of the primaries. Let the primaries work themselves through, and when they’re done, we get whole hog behind the nominee and win the general election."