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Until you know for an absolute fact ....

... do you really think that you can contest one of the cornerstones of the neo-con machine, ... don't you think it's wise to check all your bases?

Seriously Zoo, the OP's intention here is the same as what I was going to be posting later tonight.

The definitions of "Unit Rule" and "Entire" and the whole meaning of Rule 38 is not entirely well known, and the OP's research on this matter should not be over looked.

Ben Swann and Matt Larson have jumped the gun on this, and Matt Larson has jumped the gun on more than a couple of issues now.
Both of them are drawing light to a potential land-side for the RP movement, but I think that even Ben Swann mentioned that he is looking into the specifics.


We're the "Good Guys" right? If that's so, then remember that patience is one of OUR virtues, and anxiety is NOT one of our strengths.