Comment: How is that?

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How is that?

This, like every station in Sacramento ran an EXCELLENT piece.

IF you want media that tells people exactly what you want to hear and exactly how you want to hear it BUY A STATION!

IT IS ABSURD to suggest that this coverage is not excellent.

It's lame in the extreme to watch this and conclude that somehow it wasn't great.

Besides, I worked too damn hard to get this coverage.

Go ahead, crap on victory all you want.

But I'll call you on that nonsense every time you spout it.

EVERY TV station in Sacramento ran coverage, those with news shows thru the night and in the morning STILL were running these very positive accounts.

That was no accident. WinLiberty DID THAT.

You can call it whatever you want, but that doesn't make your comments any more insightful, intelligent or correct.