Comment: And It's NOT the 1st Time

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And It's NOT the 1st Time

..a Couple of years ago an off-duty police officer, who just happened to be black, was shot and killed by Westchester County Police in White Plains,NY.
District Attorney Janet DiFiore has
been accused of a coverup regarding the incident.

DiFiore is successor to the now famous previous DA-Turned-TV-Show-Host Jeanine Pirro of FoxNews Fame..

And it's being done again!
May 3rd,2012:
DiFiore failed to bring charges against White Plains Police who shot and killed a retired Marine whose medical alert had accidentally gone-off.."as police tried to give CPR to Chamberlain, he continued to slash with the knife and then tried to cut his own throat. Chamberlin was taken to the White Plains Hospital emergency room and died during surgery two hours after the initial distress call."

I've performed CPR many times, and never has a recipient done this..these were cops attempting to make it look like they were assisting instead of subdueing this person.

Looks like DA DiFiore is following her predecessor's footsteps.
Jeanine Pirro (Judge Jeanine-FoxNewsChannel), also had her share of coverups including the the knowledge that her husband, Al Pirro, known to be associated with ORGANIZED CRIME FIGURES, was involved in many shady deals that eventually led to his tax-cheat conviction-jail sentence....THE DA's HUSBAND????
She's in good FAUX NEWS....LIARS ALL!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!