Comment: Buy your own house.

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Buy your own house.

First of all, I believe people have a right to do what they want with their own body, but that right ends when it impedes on another person's right to breathe clean air. My husband and I own a house with apartments in it and do not even allow tobacco use on our property, and this is clearly stated in our leases. When we have had issues with pot in our house we communicate directly with our tenants and they have either been respectful of the policy, or choose to move elsewhere. I'm not sure, but I would think that the property owners would be able to give consent to the police to search anywhere on their property without a warrant, although I wouldn't advise it. When you get them involved you never know what might happen. I don't judge or care if people do drugs, but I do care if my children are subjected to smelling it, and I would also care if it hindered my ability to rent vacant apartments, because then is your habit not only impacting my health, but also my wallet. If you want to smoke, go buy your own house. Your apartment is not your property, it is the landlord's property.