Comment: What will I do if something

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What will I do if something

What will I do if something that isn't going to happen happens? Well..who cares, since it won't happen.

Why not ask what I will do if a giant volcano suddenly sprung up from under the United States convering the ENTIRE 48 states.

Both have an equally likely chance of happening. For an EMP weapon to affect the whole country, it would have tobe detonated in an altitude that only a few countries are even CLOSE to being able to reach. And none of those countries would do it. And none of the countries or dictators that might be tempted to try are anywhere CLOSE to achieving that technology.

But that is just me and my silly SCIENCE brain! Here I was all stupid and went to college to get a Masters in engineering with an extra year of courses to eventualy get my Ph. D. I am just crazy like that in that I like to use my brain for common sense.