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I'm used to doing something about it rather than hanging around in chat fora spouting gibberish.

I just did something again, with the BE MEDIA project for WinLiberty.

Ron Paul's speech just got more nearly "INSTANT" coverage in one area than any Ron Paul speech this season.

THAT is what I did.

I also just put up a High Definition Video which is shot and edited by another professional person (he's a videographer; I'm a political consultant) working in concert with WinLiberty and others to bring this stuff to the people of America so that they can see what is going on.

NO ONE sees what you spout off about in these FORA.


The coverage I worked to get for those speeches has been seen on every TV station and in the major daily, just to mention the Sacramento and Northern California media markets.

BE MEDIA just got EVERY TV STATION AND THE MAJOR DAILY TO COVER RON PAUL's speech, seen in my post, on our YouTube Channel AND on in High freely available for ACTIVE Ron Paul supporters to use as a tool, to spread the word.

We don't sit around and gripe about imagined threats...WE DO!

It takes hard work; I did it.

What the heck have you done?