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Look at this debt monkey

From : Rick Santorum
Subject : Coming Soon!

As a critical part of my campaign team I wanted to give you an advanced heads-up that very soon I will be making an exciting announcement about what I will be doing next. And believe me, you will be one of the first to know because I’m going to ask you to play an important role.

But before I can make this announcement, I need to spend some time erasing my remaining campaign debt. Fortunately, we ran our campaign in a fiscally prudent way, and our remaining debt is a very reasonable amount. But I feel a very deep responsibility to work hard to make sure we entirely pay it off.

As I am sure you understand, as the parents of seven children, Karen and I are not financially capable of the paying off the entire debt ourselves. We have personally contributed everything we can, and are now dependent on the generosity of others to help.

This is precisely why I am writing to you today. It is mine and Karen’s hope that by receiving small contributions from all of our supporters we put this debt behind us and move on to bigger things. In fact, even a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 will go a long way to letting us pay our campaign’s financial obligations.

I hope you can respond immediately, because the sooner we can take care of this responsibility, the sooner we can make our big announcement. I hope you can give today. Just click here to give.

As always, Karen and I are extremely appreciative for all you have done, and all that I am sure you will do in the future.

Rick Santorum

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