Comment: Yes, ancient wheat is just as

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Yes, ancient wheat is just as

Yes, ancient wheat is just as deadly, your body was not made to process wheat, or just about any grain fact, I stay away from all grains, legumes (beans), both cause inflammation and legumes also cause intestinal leakage. I also stay away from most processed oils/food and limit dairy products. I cook with lard, coconut oil, some grape and olive oil. I try to eat wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats, free-range chicken and eggs, root veggies (except potatoes), leafy greens, particularly wild leafy greens like dandelions, poke salad, sorrel, etc.

I don't have high-blood pressure, or, for that matter, any other doctor is constantly amazed by the fact that a man of my age (old as Methuselah) doesn't seem to have any medical problems, doesn't need to take any prescriptions and has less than 10% body fat.

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