Comment: Of their several issues, such as education or welfare,

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Of their several issues, such as education or welfare,

it's possible that you could get them to understand the wisdom or at least the viewpoint of having quality of life issues handled at the governmental level closest to the individual. But, the pro-choice thing is a sacred cow that you just can't budge them on.
I know you all know this, but my point is that for some people, they are never going to agree with Dr. Paul as a presidential candidate. We have the potential to resonate with so many people who think they are supporting candidates who will achieve the same overall result that Ron Paul is working toward but they are being kept from understanding him by the MSM. Those are the ones we have to reach. Those who have a firm belief that protection of the unborn at any level at all is a violation of the mother's most basic rights are not part of our potential demographic. I wouldn't bother talking to them. They have the right to come out and peacefully disagree and demonstrate/protest but their presence was obviously irrelevant.