Comment: Dr. Paul: Champion of Senior Citizens

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Dr. Paul: Champion of Senior Citizens

I'm 64 and think many seniors are influenced by the belief that America is always the good guy. We fought to save the world from Hitler, we struggled in Vietnam to stop atheistic communism from spreading despite the protests of spoiled anti-war, peace-nik, free-love, long-haired, pot-smoking hippies, and during the Reagan years Ollie North got secret aid from arms sales to Iran to Nicaraguan Contras to fight the socialist Sandinistas, etc. Ron Paul's "anti-war" (bad term: we should say he is for Constitutional war), "legalize marijuana and heroin" (he needs to emphasize that ending the Federal War on Drugs leaves state drug regulations in tact, breaks the profitability of drug cartels, and allows compassionate state medical marijuana laws, while keeping the feds from regulating alternative medicine and foods like raw milk), and "isolationism" (his opponents tar him with this term to give the impression to those who fought Germany and Japan in WW II that Ron Paul would be a Neville Chamberlain that would not have stopped the Nazis in time) all remind seniors of the "unpatriotic hippies" of a few decades past.

And, of course there is the wide acceptance of the notion that Israel must be supported at all costs because of the prevalence in most Christian churches of, I believe, the mistaken Biblical interpretation that God has a special plan for the modern state of Israel yet to be fulfilled in the future. It is true that Ron Paul's positions are not anti-Israel regardless, but evangelical pastors, and thus their sheep, are ingrained with this notion that Christians must support God's people in the modern state of Israel-- especially since nuclear Iran with its desire to destroy Israel and the U.S. is on the horizon seeking to impose sharia law on the world. Many do not realize that the modern state of Israel is pro-abortion, mostly secular and atheistic, full of prostitution, and oppressive to the Arabs in the country--pretty much the antithesis of conservative Christian social values. Yet, tragically, evangelical Christians due primary to this supposedly biblical belief about Israel, are probably the most united and influential block of voters (and mainly in the Republican party), supporting our pre-emptive wars and liberty-killing anti-terrorism laws.

There are lots of interlocking pieces to this world view that have to be taken apart almost simultaneously. Usually they can only be weakened little by little, and we all tend to gravitate towards information that supports views we already hold. Listening to other views and really seeking the truth is difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes frightening.

But Dr. Paul has continued to speak the truth as he sees it, and the pillars of the establishment are tottering. An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped. We can only continue on in hopes that it won't be long before that last pillar falls.

To that end, here is a little piece I wrote on Dr. Ron Paul: Champion of the Senior Citizen!