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There is something seriously

There is something seriously wrong when a kid can't wear a USA t-shirt to school because the school thinks it might be deemed "racist". Or chanting USA USA is called racist. I live in an area where it's a high Hispanic population and there is a theme of wanting to fly Mexican flags above American ones and a feeling of higher loyalty Mexico or South America in general. I imagine it's a hotter issue down in the South Western states but it's still an issue for us in the Midwest.

You can love American but hate it's government. And you can love Mexico but hate it's government. But, I say if you love Mexico, you should stay there and fight for it. I say if you love what America stands for you should stay and fight for it. That's the very definition of a Patriot in my view.

But those who run to another country that they deem to have more opportunity and yet then despise that country and it's people while clinging tight to their love of their homeland are nothing short of cowardly parasites with no true loyalty to anyone.

They are not loyal to Mexico or they wouldn't have left it to rot. And they clearly are not loyal to America. They should either stay and fight in Mexico. Or come help us get our government to follow the constitution again.

I have a feeling it will be up to their children to sort this out