Comment: Ron Paul is on your side

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Ron Paul is on your side

I joined the Repuyblican Party, petitioned and was seated on my Republican Central Committee, so now I can briong up this issue and get some traction.

My Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, is a fraternity, that estemems women like me, of, by and for farmers, small farmers. There are nine Granges in my county, There are hundreds in the state, and thousands nationally. The Grange taught me to write resolutions, and Roberts Rules of Oder, where last year, I wrote a resolution addressing your issue, (several of us did come to find out at the convention) the resolutions were groupeed and passed by the State Grange, and then our lobbiest works on getting a congresscritter to approve and make it law.

Ron Paul backs me. This is one way we work with Ron Paul to Restore America.

Ron Paul needs help. Join your local Ron Paul Meet-up, Grange, or other organization that is politically active and get make the laws you want to live by.