Comment: NO! WEAR BLUE!!! - Years ago the colors were reversed.

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NO! WEAR BLUE!!! - Years ago the colors were reversed.

Then the media (and Republican/Democrat parties) switched them too CONFUSE the sheeples.


Then suddenly one day, "RED states" were used to designate republicans and BLUE for democrats!!!

I will never wear red as a show of political preference when we who believe in liberty would wear BLUE.

Consider: Even during the Revolutionary War, the British were referred to as "Red Coats" while the Continental army was represented oftentimes by the color blue.

And Communism has always been represented by the color RED.

So why this switch occured (I can only imagine) was to confuse the populace about the two major political idealogies (Conservative vs Liberal).

And it proves that there is no longer ANY APPRECIABLE DIFFERENCE between democrats and republicans today.

In fact, the NEO-CON movement into the repubublican party CAME from former members of the democrat party (ie: William Kristol), when it became clear to them that their party was turning against its traditional PRO-WAR policies.

As Dr. Paul has stated over and over, history shows that it was the democrats who got us into wars and the republicans who got us out ie:

Wilson (democrat) got us into World war One
FDR (democrat) was World War Two
Truman (democrat) got us into Korea - Eisenhauer (republican) got us out
Kennedy/Johnson (democrats) got us into Vietnam - Nixon (republican) got us out.

It wasn't until the 2nd Bush administration (when the Neo-Cons infiltrated the party) that republicans got us involved in starting wars.

And that is why the republican party is so split today and WILL LOSE in November unless Ron Paul is nominated.

So this idea that republicans should wear red is anti-intuitive and NOT traditional in any way.

I WOULD support the idea of all Ron Paul supporters wearing BLUE.

THAT would show both our support of traditional liberty colors and would make it easier to identify Paul-supporters as well.

Also, a unified blue color scheme could be a show of our discontent for what the republican party has become.

I REJECT THE NOTION that RED should be used to represent LIBERTY.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul