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ah alright..

didnt thought about that!
Please always ask if you want to know more details! Honestly, I dont have the nerve to write it all down word for word for now sorry. Hope the short summary helps and you should demand something like this whenever its not clear for you what he said!

Introduction by his wife Carol. She is nervous(ron paul mentions it too - joking) but delivers a great endorsment. Crowd applauds very loud when she says wife of 55 years. Says great family man to all his children and grand grand children...

Ron Paul appears. Room erupts.

-says he is all about the issues. works on it since a long time.
-government out of our lives. Medical and economic lives.
-been frustrated some days with the republican party.
-come home from afghanistan(crowd erupts)
-Students frustrated. In debt when finished but no job in sight.
-Instead of bailing out wall street - taking care of people(crowd errupts)
-Fed devaluing the dollar.
-Middle class is shrinking. fixed incomes suffer.
-good reason there will be change in administration come november(PRESIDENT PAUL PRESIDENT PAUL chants through the room-madness :D)
-get rid of waste and fraud(sounded like indirect critic of the GOP establishment). Goverment is wastefull and abusive(crowd going nuts yelling yeah)
- Cant win the election without Independents. Makes a case for himself(you always feel that he doesnt like this part praising himself)

-America without new ideas
-Its time to renew our faith into good ideas that are given to us by the constitution. Under those conditions new good ideas can thrive.
-That should bring us all together to make this country a better place.( standing room. crowd going nuts)

Great short speech! His long ones are a bit repetive sometimes when you know the points already and dont attend in person but this was really refreshing and motivating!