Comment: Pretty bummed that My iphone

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Pretty bummed that My iphone

Pretty bummed that My iphone went dead durring Ron pauls speech, and i lost my video.. Really dissapointed in what i saw today by fellow americans who cant play by the rules and need to stoop to a level i diddnt see comming.. But i gotta say, i cant get this smile off of my face! After the break i was not allowed back in and i watched and saw everyone ID'd at the door to make sure they were legit! After Ron did his speech they rushed our small but loud group of guests out the door like a herd of cows, but i was able to peek for another hour or so by helping the old guy with the door. We def had the majority after the break.. Major differance!! Next thing, a romney supporter stomps out saying "its over". A few followed then a flood of them left it seemed.
I smiled and left too! The Revolution surely is here!!