Comment: A few more details from Virginia CD-6 convention

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A few more details from Virginia CD-6 convention

I posted this comment on this topic as the OP there asked, but since this appears to be the more visible one, I'm adding the info here also for relevance. Apologies if this is frowned upon.

I'm finally back home after the VA 6th district convention! All three delegate slots and all three alternate slots were filled by Ron Paul supporters, and we got all of the candidates in that we hoped to in three state central committee positions and three regional vice chair positions. Those previously used to running the place were not very pleased by our potent exercise in representative democracy.

Part of the way through the final result counting at the very end, one lady from the Roanoke County section leaned over to her very outspoken (and very miffed) friend and whispered, "The Ron Paul people are taking all the delegate slots." It was apparent they considered this to be a travesty. I can almost empathize with them on an objective level, but no way am I going to apologize for using the published rules and clearly overwhelming Ron Paul support to take over the party from the inside.

This is exactly why we don't give up. The outcome is not as sure as many would have you believe, and new victories for liberty are happening like this in every state.

There was also some very strong tension between the Bob Goodlatte crowd and the Karen Kwiatkowski crowd, as the primary where they face off for the 6th District Representative position is coming up in on June 12th. Her people made some bright red "FIRE BOB" shirts playing with the fireman motif, including her campaign info on the back. A number of people wore these during the convention. One guy who made a generic speech--and was vocal throughout the rest of the meeting--actually took off his button-down shirt at the end of the speech to reveal his own FIRE BOB shirt, simultaneously recommending that people vote for Karen. Bob Goodlatte and his contingent were sitting right there and obviously not happy.

The convention was a complete success for RP. We won every contest where there was actually a choice, and there wasn't even any foul play (other than a chairman who gave a speech which he promised "to keep short," then added 15 minutes of shallow stories and random thanks despite the fact that he wasn't even being challenged for his position).