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I hit you with a thumbs up for getting what I was talking about. I am not so excited about the "class action" route... Better to give them the death of 1000 cuts, than to hinge it all on one case. Also, I think it would have to be a person who gave money previous to the fraud (for a stronger case) who would have better standing to sue the RNC. And this would do nothing for our cause in the near term... More like a "golden rule" sort of thing. What goes around, comes around. Nothing like hitting someone in the wallet to learn them from sucking eggs.

The thing I love about the Daily Paul: is here, besides the trolls and the cave boys, there are fellow travelers, like me, who's hearts burn with the fire for liberty. A tribe of Americans. What we need is some scalps. And I am not above waiting 'til after the election to get some.