Comment: Money and Law are concepts. they did not exist....

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Money and Law are concepts. they did not exist....

Until we humans invented them. Please note, I did not say discovered. I used the term invented. (or pulled them out of our azz) therefore.
methinks you nailed it with this,

"Nature can be understood as an objective measure of that which is measurable, measured by anyone, anywhere, and the same measurement shows up each time anyone measures the same thing."

the concept of natural law, can be discovered. this is what makes it such a beautiful political concept.. the discovery process unites people.

natural law can be a basis for agreement by ALL people. everywhere.

it is a very profound concept. and yes, I think if we can revive it as such, it has the power to unite the world. without the internet, it would have taken me years to understand and confirm this. with the internet, we now have the possibility for this concept to go viral.
I had never considered comparing it to the scientific method. I thank you for that insight. it is what I was seeking!