Comment: How will he take over the GOP as an AE candidate?

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How will he take over the GOP as an AE candidate?

Because AE is not a party. Each AE candidate runs as whatever he is, Republican or Democrat. Ron Paul would run as a Republican. The Republican Party would run their conventionally selected candidate, Mitt Romney. Ron Paul has an excellent change of winning the Presidency as the AE candidate. He can beat Obama and Romney by winning just 1/3 of the vote. He is now President, and he is a Republican. Therefore, Ron Paul is now the leader of the Republican Party. We make history and change the world.

I did not explain myself well about Gary Johnson. I meant to point out that he is clear and focused about his goal, something the Ron Paul campaign is not clear on any longer. I did not sign up to influence the party. No one said that is what supporting Ron Paul was about. But now they are saying so. Sorry, not for me. I'm asking him to run for President, as he said he was at the start.

Gary Johnson believes that Ron Paul supporters will vote for him, not Romney, IF PAUL IS NOT THE NOMINEE. I agree. I think Ron Paul agrees. He has said himself he couldn't vote for Romney. It is the campaign's dream of a new Republican party that is delusional. No Ron Paul supporter will support a party with Mitt Romney as its leader.

I have invested time, plenty of time, in the delegate process as well. I want you to invest 5 minutes to vote for Ron Paul on Americans Elect and tell others to do the same, and stop spending time telling supporters NOT to!

Let Ron Paul decide once he is qualified.

Terence W.