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Hey Vinny T

Why should I be subjected for rudeness by you to my post. With someone as silly as you with a phd, maybe you should go back and reread the post. Actually try and read it. In it, I believe the author states, It would not have to be an emp. The governement is perfectly capable of shutting down all transportation, electricty grids, and anything else they choose to do. Have you ever heard of a false flag attack? you don't use wikipedia for your information sources, do you? I point to the social breakdown of New Orlens within three days of Katrina for reference. Some of us are here because we don't like to see our constitution shredded. I'm not sure if you have been following anything going on, propbably to hard putting that good phd to use, what is in btw?. I created the content after reading a fellow post that was speaking on a source saying the governement is gtting ready for massive civil war, hence the mobilization of troops and purchase of ammunition. Also, with your phd, can you explain to me, what happens when the dollar is dumped as the world reserve? What will happen to the prices of the things you use to get to your phd job and back, such as gasoline, and for the average american who does not have a phd, who doesn't earn the kind of money you make with your higher education, how will they put food on the table...Now I am surely you are aware of the BRICS...and the amount of us debt china is offloading. And as you are more intelligent than certainly me, due to all that money you spent on your education t get your phd...(do you have any student loans by the way?) that russia and china have significant investmets in Iran and Syria. u probably know where I am going with that, but for those reading without the phd. they are vast and they will not tolerate us meddling in their investments, they also have nuclear weapons, and some countries have made deals with Hugo know him rigt, his country is in South America....anyway, I'm so glad that you are on this site to share you insights. your reply has almost inspired me to go back to school so i can be as smart and articulate as you someday. Oh, and with all of that common sense, you probably didn't ge out much and interact with people, hence the tone of your reply to my post. People come to the DP for various reasons, I started coming many years ago, to help Dr. Paul in his campaign as I believe in him. It is also a place where Ienjoy the community and thoughts that people have. Anyway, I am lookig forward to your response and since I started writing have realized my grammar and capitalization, and spelling ain't all that good, so when you reply, maybe help me edit my post? I'm just to dum b to figure itou, and with your phd, i thought maybe you culd tutor are a true inspiration and I am looking forward to meeting you in are a delegate or alternate, right? Because I hate when people come on here and complain and all they do is post, and your post takes the cake....