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If You're Buying Silver...

If you're storing your wealth in Silver, you have it on your mind that SHTF will be upon us within the next couple years or earlier. You mention moving closer/in to the city. So are you collecting silver, or are you saving your wealth in silver? If you're saving your wealth; Preserving purchasing power in physical silver...why would you want to place yourself closer to the city? The city is the last place you want to be when the time is required to exchange goods/services for physical silver.

Keep on keeping on at your parents' place in my humble opinion. Your gut knows what to do. I've contemplated moving BACK IN with my parents because just the rent/utilities savings vs. cost of travel is better. Plus, I wont be stuck in the cities when it really matters.

I'd say your parents have a decent established home? Land? Current on mortgage, own the house maybe? That's a much better place to be when hyper-inflationary times come upon us. That's when you're glad you preserved your wealth in physical silver.