Comment: there were many other candidates splitting the vote

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there were many other candidates splitting the vote

Overall, there were more than a dozen candidates that received votes from delegates. The top two barely even combined to have enough votes to get the nomination. It would be like if Romney and Santorum each had around 600 delegates, and characters like Huntsman, Cain, Perry, Bachmann, and Gingrich each had 200 - and no one would change their minds. In 1920, no one would budge on the first several ballots, and neither of the top 2 were gaining support. Eventually, enough agreed to vote for someone who hadn't really even been a consideration at first.

There is virtually no similarity between the Paul strategy and the Harding strategy. Harding just lucked out that the convention couldn't pick someone else. If there is any split this year between forces that refuse to budge, it will be between Romney and Paul forces, and either Santorum's people would play kingmaker or they would choose someone else entirely.