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Comment: I don't see a contact for you so here's what I've done.

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I don't see a contact for you so here's what I've done.

Found plenty of info online on DYI solar cells. Placed several orders for solar cells on ebay. Made panels: shallow box of wood, painted, with Plexiglas face. Ordered deep-cycle 12-v batteries from Northern Tool & Equipment, controller and system meter from other solar suppliers I found through Google and other means. Bought lots of battery cables at auto parts stores to hook the system together. Here are some photos of my system:

Faraday cages are really simple. You'll find instructions for complex ones to protect a whole room but I just individually protected radios, backup computer, etc. inside triple Faraday cages made by wrapping items inside two plastic grocery bags, a complete wrap of aluminum foil, two more plastic bags, another layer of aluminum foils, two more bags, a third layer of aluminum foil, another double layer of plastic bags and plenty of packing tape. Each is labeled as to what's inside. None of the packets are grounded. There is conflicting advice as to whether to ground. I chose the no-ground method. I suppose it might be good to have another set of equipment protected with grounded Faraday cages just in case :-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.