Comment: People defend what they're used to

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People defend what they're used to

The reason people defend prescriptions and oppose some of our freedom ideas is because they're used to their lifestyle and are afraid of the consecuences of changing it. Just because you eliminate prescriptions it doesn't mean everyone is going to go crazy buying all kinds of medication and getting killed or harmed. People think about themselves first. They'll usually go to a doctor first anyway. The only difference here is that you might not need to pay the doctor another time just to write you more and more prescriptions if it's a recurring condition.

I live in the Dominican Republic and practically every drug is sold prescription-free. People here decide if they want to take their chances and buy a drug a friend who had the same symptoms recommended or if they want to go to a doctor. In any case, the pharmacist is there to help you as well, explaining what each drug is for and the side-effects it may have. With the help of the Internet you can sometimes even have a better chance of finding out what's more effective. Some time ago I saw in TED a video of how some internet health communities have helped patients that could find a solution to their problems from their doctors.

Economically, it may or not be cheaper to go to the doctor. Here health insurance covers part of the cost of the drug if you first go to the doctor and get a prescription. For expensive drugs this might still be the best route.

Philosophically, everyone has the right to put into their bodies what they want. People are not as stupid as collectivists usually assume. It wouldn't be a disaster