Comment: We still need to work on the voting!

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We still need to work on the voting!

Today is really a day to celebrate, but looking ahead (even if we win Tampa) we are going to have to deal with the computerized and no ID vote, at some point. The sooner the better. First we have to try to abolish computerized voting. That hasn't worked so far. We can draw attention to the vote scam by getting volunteers to exchange a number on a take your turn number roll for their candidate in exchange for their voter slip being punched. Of course this would be voluntary, but I bet most RP supporters would want to do it! I saw the Google map of all the districts in each of the last 5 primaries. Romney, Google or someone really overdid it! It was a total sweep in every state. Don't try to convince any open minded person that 4,300 people would stand out in the rain, but Dr. Paul couldn't win one district! Thank heavens we took care of the fraud in Maine and Nevada, but we have some battles ahead. In it to win it!