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ha ha ha

thats a good one!

however we have enough on our collective plate right now

and have to get Ron Paul into the Oval Office before we take on such a huge op.

also we have no idea YET oh how these massive conglomerates will shake out once we have a Libertarian Govt. in place.

you know when a regime changes many biz ops rush to stick noses where they can sniff whats coming down.

This may be our real work by then, to make sure these huge media groups dont try to revert to anti-freedom and plan how we can do that without being the very force we so despise.

There are so very many great reporters and journalists among the Ron Paul world so its a clean and reset agenda to get such into the media so it can really be FAIR and BALANCED. ALL of them.

Oh what fun the Ron Paul Era is going to be.! :D