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Really, well not according to

Really, well not according to independent watchdog groups like GATA and others, the Rothschilds holdings are at 5% of all gold reserves, that does not add up to controlling the worlds supply of gold. If you can provide me with valid numbers to support your position then please do, otherwise you are simply making unsubstantiated claims, as most of you Greenbackers seem to do when you are trying to very hard to support your position! Even if the Rothschilds controlled all the Central Banks and the governments of the world, the total amount of gold that would be under their indirect control would only be about 35%, still not enough to actually control the gold reserves. So, again, I ask you to show us your evidence instead of making claims that you simply can’t back up except as a belief system you have acquired through some form of indoctrination by the Greenbackers religion.

I can assume, rather easily, that you know very, very little about either market economics or monetary mechanics.

It’s simple…SHOW US!

Now, if COMEX is fraudulent and gold is being controlled, then show us how, give us the exact, detailed examples that can prove your position, not just supposition, but actual documented proof to support your position. You see LibertyBaby, you have, on many occasions, used various fake quotes, misinformation and other things that were questionable to support your position, just like every other Greenbacker, yet each time you are asked to supply actual documentation you fail to do so and instead divert attention away from the issue and questions asked of you.

Show us the proof that you have that all the gold that use to be in Fort Knox is under their private control, certainly you would have the scoop of the century if you could provide us with that story, you would probably make an absolute fortune by publishing such a story, so why don’t you. No, instead all you have, and you must admit it, is a claim, a story line that seems to play well with your particular Greenbacker Agenda. Unfortunately, unless you do have such proofs to your claims then the veracity of your claims comes under immediate scrutiny and thus question.

Now, isn’t it interesting, but then again you have used a quote that has been attributed to not only Thomas Jefferson in one form or another, but guess what, also to James Garfield. In fact, James Garfield also did not make that statement, thus again, you are incorrect. Even your Mentor Bill Still had to recant on that Garfield quote, as well as many others he used to promote his Greenbacker agenda.

Oh, the entire system is easily controlled and manipulated, the reason for that is right before your Greenbacker nose, but you fail to see it…it is called Fiat Money. Fiat Money is not real money, but a money substitute, one that is, by its very character and the nature of its design, fraudulent and subject to all manner of manipulation, making it possible for such manipulation to take place on a much larger scale than would otherwise be possible with the fully accountability that gold money provides.

Thus far, you and all the other Greenbackers have failed to make even close to an adequate argument, either for a Greenbacker system or against a gold monetary system.

Bill Still is not correct, he is definitely not correct on his idea of a so-called Sovereign Money of which the power to issue and control that Sovereign Money is in the hands of politicians of all people. What is needed is a money that has definitive advantages for the people while holding certain disadvantages for those in power. That money is gold/silver. As I have said, once gold and silver are placed into circulation as money the degree of control any power has over it becomes greatly decreased for the simple reason that it is impossible to implement controls that would reach far enough to drastically change the market conditions in which gold and silver would function within the economy.

Indeed, one of the primary purposes of eliminating gold and silver as money was to destroy the free-market and institute a centrally planned economy. Fiat paper money is one of the prime agencies by which to achieve such goals, along with the goals of global governance. It would be virtually impossible to achieve such goals under a gold/silver monetary regime otherwise, the global elite would have simply kept gold and silver as money instead of fighting tooth and nail to demonetize it from the global economy.

There were definite steps involved with the global agenda, the line of history is very clear on this if you only look. The latter part of the 1800s, and in particular the early part of the 1900s, saw enormous changes taking place in this country. If you look at the progression of those steps you can readily see the goals, the steps taken to those goals and how it was to be achieved. Fiat paper money was a major step in the furtherance of those goals, it was necessary to essentially de-nationalize money and make it a universal program of debt-swaps, doing away, as it were, with the necessity of actual debt repayments in assets. This freed governments, especially the world powers at the time, to expand their powers both domestically and overseas. The entire system, with the advent of the League of Nations and its subsequent United Nations were all based on the idea that there would or could be a system of global governance and control over all the nations and peoples of the world. If you look at the progression, particularly around the time of 1913, of the legislative innovations that took place you will see parts of that progression. The formation and eventual creation of the Federal Reserve System, the Nationalized Senate, the Income Tax all played a part in the achievement of the goal for global governance. The initial step in forming a Central Bank was to allow this government to function and operate beyond the limitations placed upon it by the Constitution. From the very beginning, the FED began to issue Federal Reserve Notes and did so with the blessing of this government and at the behest of some politicians.

The whole push was to provide this government with an elastic currency that did not conform to nor would be impeded by supply. For with such a currency there would no longer be the bonds, the chains that restrained government advancement. If you look at Woodrow Wilson, you will see definite globalist policies at work. In fact, if you read a book entitled Philip Dru: Administrator, written by Edward Mandell House, a close advisor and friend of Wilsons, you will see what was the fictional plans for America, but strangely enough, they occurred in reality all too much to make it simply a work of fiction.

In fact, it was Edward Mandell House that hand-picked the charter members of the original Federal Reserve, indeed it was House that would be instrumental in the formation of what would later become the Council on Foreign Relations. If you want to understand the role that Fiat Paper Money would play in the goals of global governance then read about House. Fiat Money is one of the primary instruments of global governance, all one need to is look at the actual history surrounding its creation and the government’s use of deception and force to place this country and its people under its use. Fiat money, as well as the Social Security System, the Graduated Income Tax, the Nationalization of the Senate into a federal agency instead of being governed by the respective States, the consolidation and centralization of power into Washington would not be possible under a monetary system where gold and silver were accepted as money, therefore they had to destroy it to gain the power necessary to further their globalist ideals.

The purpose of the fiat monetary system was to create a system of pledges, where the People themselves and their productivity is the pledge backing the currency, this form of enslavement is nothing new, but the techniques used to implement this system was completely new in 1913. Instead of the money belonging to the people, as did gold and silver, the money would belong to the government and the banks, the control over the money and its value would also be in control of the government and its patron banking system. Fiat Money is a system of serfdom, it takes the actual title of ownership from the bearer of the money itself and places that title in the hands of the government.

Essentially, today, we have little more than a productive serfdom where people are actually paid, to what amounts to pennies on the Dollar due to the fact that the Fiat Federal Reserve Notes have now been effectively debased to the point that each $1 Dollar in face value only retains a couple of Cents in actual purchase value money. Yet, the ruse works well, for most people look at their checking account or in their wallets and see a few hundred dollars, yet for each of those hundred dollars the see, the real value is $4.32 per $100.00 in face value. In other words, we think we are richer due to the face value, but the real purchase value is now so very little that we are essentially working for nothing. Is it any wonder why the government has to institute the Minimum Wage, if not then the ruse could not be maintained. A person living on the Minimum Wage of $7.25 an hour (or .31 Cents in real purchase value) at 40 hours brings home before taxes $290.00 a week, but the purchase value, what that $290.00 a week will actually buy is only $12.95 a week, based on a 100 Cent Dollar valuation of 1913.

Now, tell me the greatness of Fiat Money, any Fiat Money? Those who suggest that yet another Fiat Money would be the answer apparently haven’t considered just what purposes Fiat Money plays in the hands of the Global Governance crowd, why it was so important to undermine and eventually switch this country from an Honest Money system to a dishonest Fiat Money system.

So, these Greenbackers, what are they really? I declare to you that they are either idiots or infiltrators, there is little room for middle ground. Most of the Greenbackers I have encountered use deception, lies, fake quotes, misinformation and distorted history to support and propagate their agenda, that in itself should give anyone reason to question their motives. Sorry that I’m being so harsh, but when there are those who advocate just another version of a Fiat Monetary System as a solution, they avoid the other questions that must be considered about that type of currency system.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun