Comment: Take the Hot Air out of Fair!

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Take the Hot Air out of Fair!

Take the hot air out of fair and all you have is f. F for flat-out false flunkies full of faulty fish tales. They deserve an F. Don't get me fired up, it's Sunday. I have a confession to make. A few weeks ago my Mother-in-law and her family got together. She has supported Ron Paul. I brought some Super Brouchures and laid them next to the cookies. Both items did a vanishing act. ( One good technique!) Even straight forward it isn't hard. I haven't had a refusal yet. Unfortunately that probably proves I haven't passed out enough. Back to the point, my Mother-in-law spouted that "He can't win" junk and I told her she watches too much Fox (which is true). Later on I realized I could have at least worded it better, more like, "funny thing, you sound like Fox". I felt like reminding her about Napolitano. Fortunately she has a heart of gold and I think she is a little curious now that I am a delegate! Back to Fox, I have seen them do way too much harm to too many good conservatives, just like flouride in the water.