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Ron Paul's Vice President

I'm no spring chicken, but that's how I've felt at most tea party meetings I've attended in my area (which, from the looks of national rallies, is not atypical). Most supported Rick Santorum, perhaps because of his anti-abortion stance, given that so many in the group are Catholic. But while they do NOT like Mitt Romney, neither do they like Ron Paul; some are outright hostile towards him.

There was all this boohooing over the tea party not attracting young adults. Yet now that Ron Paul has, I think they find it somehow suspicious, given that the youth vote is traditionally on the left. We Ron Paul supporters would vote for him as PRESIDENT if he chose a monkey as his running mate. I think his VICE president must be chosen to appeal to Americans 40+. Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and the year I saw the Beatles at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium (1964), account for approximately 80 million Americans, adults 65+ roughly an additional 35 million - a huge voting block. Johnson isn't that person. Any ideas who could be?

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