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For Ron Paul

I'm a 24 year woman, 2 kids, and a wonderful husband. We live in a suburb of Houston, TX. Since I learned about Libertarian-ism, I have been one ( probably about 16/17). Ron Paul has finally brought my husband over from the Establishment GOP, and he is a fervent Ron Paul supporter these days! I think that when we saw him at University of Houston, it sealed the deal for him. I am in my last semester of school- Will be a substance abuse counselor, and yes, I'm still for decriminalizing drugs- or, at the minimum, leave it up to the state. My husband is a residential electrician, and uses that as a platform to spread the word...

My home page on my internet browser is seeing all the support that the MSM blatantly ignores. I have been, probably fruitlessly, sending weekly messages to various "News" companies, informing them of my distaste for their obvious favoring of Mitt Romney- and how unfounded it is.

Anyway, hope to get to know some of you!

-Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies--RON PAUL 2012!!