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*Holds up Brofist*

You guys (and the Maine people) rocked it hard. Way to stay professional and get things done.

Man, I wish there was a way for FL to do caucuses. That was really awesome to watch the political process at play, with true neighbors coming together to debate and vote. It seemed very intimate and personal, as politics should be. This mass-market "pull a lever for this guy and walk away" stuff that we do makes me cry.

And wow, that was exciting, with great play-by-play coming out of Nevada. It was like a marathon Superbowl. VERY entertaining.

Kinda funny - for all that the MSM sucks, the web got my eyeballs. I fast-forward my TV ads on my Tivo all the time, but I obviously couldn't do that on the web. I probably ended up watching 30 minutes of ads over the course of several hours.